As a young child riding in the breathtakingly rugged remote Wallowa mountains, just outside of Joseph Oregon, I dreamed of owning a ranch or farm so I could raise gentle horses that someone could ride, rope, rein, show.

Today I'm fulfilling that dream. I've had the pleasure of owning a lot of really good horses that I'm proud to have had my name associated with. All horses sold from our ranch have stayed with those who have had the opportunity to own them, which is a testament to the quality of horses that have left our gate.
I have a few good mares and babies that are top quality "using" horses with good minds, conformation, and bloodlines for the versatile owner.

I enjoy watching happy, proud, new owners that have been privileged enough to come look at my horses and bought them literally on the spot. It's been a very satisfying feeling to be a part of that.
So join the circle of friends at Circle Star Farms, and own a great horse. Take your pick. Most are sold within a short time of birth. Some are kept. All are hard to sell as an owner as they become family very quickly. For any questions feel free to call us.

Take Care, and May you always ride a Circle Star Farms Horse, you won't be sorry.
Donna (Dana) Bishop