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Take a look at our past sale horses below... We are proud to have offered them as a product of Circle Star Farms! Each and every one of them has found a special home...

Fritz Olena Jay "Cody"

2010 AQHA Gelding





Cody comes with a solid pedigree. He has Quarter Horse greats such as Dry Cody, Son O Sugar, & Bueno Chex right on his papers. He is a laid back and showing some talent. Started under saddle and doing well. He will excel in just about any direction you want to take him with his willing attitude. His pedigree is loaded with cow sense, and will do trail, barrels, roping, reining... Anything you want! He was great movement and could possibly be a great cart or dressage prospect. He is well built and has a great stop on him!





Bueno Chex
Pocos Easter Chex
Bonny Miss Poco
Chex Tivio Bar
Docs Tivio Kid
Tiara Tivio Bar
Tiara McCue
Fritz Olena Jay
Son O Sugar
Sons Rey Jay
Miss Rey Jay 2
CWR SonsReyJay Lana
Dry Cody
Cottonwood Feature
Mandola Fritz




Congratulations to Bill Warne on his purchase of

OkiesBlondeBombshell - 2006 AQHA Palomino Mare

This mare is pure royalty! This folks is the best in the business, and now you can own one for a reasonable price. She is very easy pleasy, talented, and calm. She is smart, learns as you think it...  Great on the ground and lightly started. She will excel in reining ,cutting, working cowhorse, or snaffle bit.

Her pedigree includes such greats as her sire: Okie Paul Quixote (NRHA Futurity Champion), Her maternal Grandsire: Boomernic (NRHA Futurity Champion), and her granddam: Amarilla Chex (AQHA ROM and the dam of Nu Chex To Cash , sire of Wimpys Little Step), plus many more!

14 hands of dynamo. Built just right. Palomino to boot!


Congratulations to Dan Fox on his purchase of this fine stallion- We look forward to his success!

CSF Rein Or Shine


Shining Freckle  -AQHA #3867893- Qualified for 2005 Open SR Reining World Show

Total AQHA Performance points 214 + points in reining and working cowhorse.

2004 -Open Superior in Open Reining

2003-Open Performance register of Merit

Leading Oregon All Age Reining

LTE for AQHA & NRHA of $6,116.87 as of 1/11/2006

Own son of 

Shining Spark


(Genuine Doc - Diamonds Sparkle, by Mr Diamond Dude)

AQHA Points: 22,139

NRCHA All Time Leading Sire

AQHA's youngest top10 Leading All Time Sire

Who is in 2004 the only Stallion in history to be awarded the NRHA & NRCHA million dollar Sire Awards

And in 2005 is the NRHA's newest 4 million dollar Sire

He is also AQHA's #2 Leading Sire of Performance Registers of Merit 

And the only stallion who's offspring  have earned more than $4,400,000 in NRCHA competition 

Foals having earned 22,200 AQHA Points



Chex Out My Major- "Truman" Sold on consignment $5000



- SOLD $1500 to a great gaming family. 

He will be doing poles, barrels, goat tying

& breakaway roping.

"The cutest pony I've ever seen. Large gaskin muscles, large hip, long neck, and

short back. Sweet as a kitten. 2 months training.



Smart Little Roxie "Lena" - 2003 AQHA Palomino Mare


Lena is out of Smart Cash Cutter.  Smart Cash Cutter is a sire with many AQHA performance points, and is sired by Smart Little Lena.  This bloodline speaks for itself. Lena is a great horse, built like a tank and sharp as a whip. She is doing well under saddle and has been started on cows. She is quick and tough, she can go all day long. She picks up leads, stops, and backs like a lady. She turns over her hocks nicely. If you are looking for a great cow horse prospect check her out. Currently in cutting training with Cameron Verstagan. Use this mare and then turn her into a quality brood mare.



  These are some of our quality foals out of "Freckles" 

as we have mentioned before, here are three of  her foals plus a Mare and two geldings we sold.


Freckles Major Star-1998 Bay Gelding (below) AQHA#3660273

out of Major Bonanza and Cols Compact Disc 1992


Freckles Major Star aka "Buddy"  was a fantastic gelding out of our mare.  My husband fell in love with this horse 

from day one.  He named him Buddy and he lived up to his name.  

My husband is a total novice and rode him like a winner.  Buddy just took to him and they made a great pair.

Two years ago my husband got sick and we had to sell him.  We found the perfect home for Buddy.  

Buddy is now roping and cutting and sorting cattle in Idaho, and loving it.


(click on picture for pedigree)


 Out Smokin Em -2004 Bay Gelding AQHA#4485609



"Willy" is the appropriate name for this horse.  We often call him "Willing".  He is just 

the sweetest, most gentlest of them all.  Very trusting and kind, and doesn't seem to be afraid

of anything.  He is out of the Colonel Freckles and Gunsmoke bloodlines.  He can do anything.  He is built correct,

and measures out.  I expect great things for this horse. He is a different color, for those of you looking for a horse to stand out.  He is pegged as a bay with the AQHA but has a lot of blond hairs, and at times he looks Dun.

   He will measure about 15.2 when he matures.  He will top out at about 

1300 lbs.  He will be able to rope, rein, cut, or sort or what ever you want, and he is 

built to do the job. 

Sire: Im Gonna Be Smoken (below) x Cols Compac Disc

Out of El Gato Uno by One Gun by Mr. Gunsmoke



Sweettibbee Dunbar- Dun Mare (below) AQHA#3906089

by Pistols Dan x Cols Compact Disc

This beautiful filly was sold as a yearling.  When it was time for Tibby to be born, we pretty well knew the arrival was coming and timed it just right.  We had straw down, and all the tools and meds ready.  The movie camera was ready, and halogen lights we had just purchased.  I slept in the barn on the hay for the night.  Talk about a bump in the night! That is exactly what woke us up to Tibby.  I ran into the house to get my husband and the camera ready.  He was to bring the scissors for the sack if it didn't open. Of course we were rushing around like rats.  Mom had a great birth, and My husband Rick came to the rescue and opened the sac for her as Tibby needed our help.  A beautiful light Dun with a huge blaze.  She is a really stunning beauty.  At 3 months old she was going all over the place with me in my trailer with her mom.  I took her to many friends places to get her used to going.  She was then weaned with no mishaps.  I have taught many a foal to go in a trailer.  She was just a "YES" horse from day one.  She never balked, and did just whatever we wanted her to do.  We were then moving from the home we had lived in for about 13 years, and we had just purchased another house and had to farm out our other horses.  

We really didn't plan on selling Tibby, but a 17 year old girl again came into our lives and instantly wanted her.  We negotiated a deal and she took the horse home.  The girl that bought her was going off to Horse Training College, and needed an untrained 2 year old to be her schooling project in Wyoming. So she was in love at first site.  Tibby trained herself there and other horses.  She was ponying horses and training them in just a short time.  When asked how Tibby is, the girl reply is... " You cant have her back."  She is going to keep her for life and when she is done with school , she plans to keep her as a brood mare.   She is now coming 6 years old, and a great kids horse.  




Sudden Reality-Chestnut/Overo Mare (below) AQHA#36222816/ APHA#502012

This exceptional Mare had 11 AQHA Legends on her original 3 generation Pedigree!

Sabrina (aka Ruby) was destined for the western pleasure world.  Her new owner has high hopes as her Sire and Dam were both world Champions, as are most of her brothers and sisters.  She was originally brought to a trainer for training.  The training didn't reveal her potential, so the trainer called the owner and said the horse just wouldn't work for him, and talked the original owner into selling the mare.  She is a double registered AQHA and APHA horse.  So she can win either way.  I had to learn what a double registered horse is.  How the rules have changed.  I hadn't shown paints since 1993 or so.  At that time the double registered horse wasn't allowed, and one parent had to be a paint to be registered.  When I went to see this mare, she was highly trained.  I fell in love with her training.  I was thinking maybe I could learn more about western pleasure by riding on a horse like this.  I bought her and brought her home, and soon after that I was in a car accident that put me in the hospital with a severe neck injury.  So my riding was put on hold.  She was such a good mare, well bred, that I didn't want her in the pasture doing nothing.  It was then decided that I would sell her.  It was a very hard decision.  I took her to a trainer to tune her up as she hadn't been ridden in a while.  I put her up for sale on the internet.  Within hours I had calls on her.  I finally found a 14 year old girl that just had to have her.  She put her on the circuit with Heather Thrapp, and with some issues from her past, she did very well.  Her old barn name just didn't suit this mare.  She was a dark chestnut and a sweetheart.  I renamed her Ruby, which fit her better.  With the money I made on Ruby, I built my arena.  It is now referred to as the "Ruby" arena.  I've tried several times to buy her back, as I am doing much better, but as all our horses that enter these gates, no one wants to sell them at any price.  The last I heard of Ruby, she is pregnant and in foal to a three time world champion western pleasure stallion.  They have big plans for the new foal.  We will always miss her.  She is very sweet, correct chestnut with a blaze, stunning beauty with a ruby for a heart.


Update! Video below...





Brewski was a trained 3rd level dressage horse and 3 day eventing horse.  I bought him from a gal who needed

to sell him.  She didn't own a horse trailer and so she offered to ride the horse to our home.  We slapped some shoes on him

and she rode him to our home.  She at the time lived in Shady Cove  Oregon which is over 8 miles away.  It was summer , 

and the road from Shady Cove was narrow and winding.  I told her if

she could do that with that horse it was sold.  So off she went on her journey over 2 bridges and the Rogue River 

to our home in Eagle Point Oregon.  He was 16.2 hands and 1500 lbs. and he was tired but not broken.  He never faltered. 

I took him up in the woods and rode him on trails mostly.  Been there done that.  I could take him down town Eagle Point,

and he would stop and say hello to folks in town.  A real trooper.  One of the best horses I've had.  When I lost my pasture

I was keeping him in, I had to sell him.  At 17 years old, he went back to the show ring.  A 13 year old girl from California

bought him, and put him back in the irons.  He looked 8 all over again, and very happy with his new home.  We miss him. 

They say that the horse will never leave their farm. 

 As all horses that come in contact with Circle Star Farms.



Tex was a registered paint horse born in 1991.  We built our barn just for this little guy when we lived in 

Eagle Point.  The horse wasn't afraid of anything.  He went right by paving machines and actually wanted to touch it.

I took him to the Triple Crown Futurity, and the Oregon Bred and he got a 3rd and 5th place in a sanctioned APHA show.  

There were 28 other horses in one class and 30 in another.  Big classes.  I took him home and worked with him.

I got him broke.  I took him out on the trail with only 18 days of training on him, and he just loved it. 

He walked, trotted and cantered up and down the hills like he did it every day of his life.  At 3 years old

people were coming a lot asking if I would sell him.  I had many horses at the time and considered it.  But when 

a lady from Rogue River came along, I sold him to her.  She put a spin and a stop on him and introduced him to cows.

That was his calling.  He later went to a ranch in Colorado, and is punching cows, and branding and all the things

that go with the ranch life.  They say he is their favorite ranch horse and he is going to have his own special place 

there on the farm even after he is gone.  Another testament of the

Circle Star started horses.  



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